Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Onesies of your Choice

EtsyMoms have a history of contributing to charitable causes, including our sister Moms. Our team leaders were recently notified of a long-standing team member who's in need of a great deal of financial assistance and we'd really like to help her out. The proceeds from this auction bid will go to assist this mother with her financial burden.

This auction ends at 8pm Pacific Time Zone on April 7th. If you have questions on the item, the team, or the auction, please send them to

Happy bidding!

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Item Description:
Three 100% cotton onesies of your choice. You can choose one from the pictures shown or any of the other onesies that I have listed as a set in a baby set. All onesie decorations have been fused and stitched to the fabric. If necessary, I have added a layer of tailor's fabric on the back to ensure that the onesie is soft against your little one's skin.

Sizes: 0-3 mths; 3-6 mths; 6-9 mths; 9-12 mths; 12-18 mths; 18-24 mths

Starting Bid: $16

To bid, please comment on this post with the following:
Email Address:
Bid Amount:

Please note once you place a bid, you are responsible to pay that amount unless you are outbid. Highest bidder at 8pm PST on April 7th will be notified that they have won an item. They will have 48 hours to send in payment for their item(s). If the winning bidder does not pay within 48 hours, they give up their right to the won item. The second highest bidder will then be contacted, and so on and so forth.


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